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Stamped Concrete

Fort McMurray’s Leading Experts in Stamped Concrete Installation

With The Concrete Pros., installing stamped concrete is one of the easiest and most affordable ways of creating a stylish porch, patio or walkway for your property. Having your patio, porch, or walkway installed adequately by us will give you all the functionality and strength of concrete. Stamped concrete also gives aesthetic value of other more expensive mediums, such as limestone, brick, slate, or wood, without extra cost. Having something beautiful, functional, and low-maintenance is the ultimate goal of investing in your backyard or property with a concrete patio, porch, or walkway.

How is Stamped Concrete Created?

Once we have poured the concrete, but before it dries, we imprint a pattern and colour onto the slab allowing it to look like other materials and textures. This way of beautifying your concrete is often a time and money saver. The finished product looks highly realistic but is ultimately much quicker and easier to install than other types of mediums. This allows you to add the value and the look you want to your property, all while limiting the time you have construction in your yard.

Stamped concrete is very versatile. Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo residents often use stamped concrete to create a look of brick pathways, cobblestone driveways, and slate-patterned patios. These are only a few options available to you as one of The Concrete Pros. customers. If you can dream it, we can likely create it for you!

The Installation

Here at The Concrete Pros, we love to work closely with our customers to ensure we can achieve your vision. We will work with you on planning and designing exactly what you want for your stamped concrete project. Once you have chosen what pattern is best for you, we can mix the concrete to your desired colour and durability for the area. Once the concrete is poured, we work hard on your stamped concrete project using our expertise and all the best equipment and tools to do the job excellently. Cutting expansion joints and sealing your stamped concrete is the last step in creating your project. Our goal is to create the perfect area of stamped concrete that will hold up to Fort McMurray’s harsh elements for many years.

What Are The Benefits of Stamped Concrete?

The Ability to Customize

Customizing your property to your needs and tastes is one of the essential things in moving forward with stamped concrete. The colours, patterns, and textures The Concrete Pros. offer to our customers is extensive! Imagine beautiful cobblestone walkways weaving their way throughout your property, or maybe a more simple sidewalk with a border is closer to your taste. We can even add custom walls and stamped concrete pads to your yard. Maybe you even love the look of stamped concrete so much you want it indoors! No problem, we can achieve that for you as well. The skill here at The Concrete Pros. is unmatched. Every little detail counts, right down to hand detailing and shading, to create the most realistic look possible!

Low Maintenance

Stamped concrete requires much less maintenance than other mediums because of its durability. Other mediums like brick or stone always have weeds popping up through the cracks and often are more prone to heaving. Stamped concrete is also easier to clean and requires minimal care, such as sweeping and rinsing. The most involved your maintenance will be is simply resealing your stamped concrete every few years to protect against Fort McMurray’s harsh elements.

Incredible Value

Stamped concrete is more expensive than regular concrete. However, regarding the look and style it provides to homeowners, it is much more affordable than other materials and requires less labour. The value and beauty stamped concrete brings to a home’s value, and curb appeal is outstanding!

The Concrete Pros. Are Fort McMurray’s Best Choice!

The Concrete Pros. in Fort McMurray are your absolute best choice for any of your concrete needs. We bring our expertise, craftsmanship and professionalism to every project we do. Our customers are essential to our business, so quality and customer service are our highest priorities!

If you have a project in mind, please call us at 825-435-1203 or email us at info@theconcreteprosfortmcmurray.ca to get your FREE quote. We look forward to chatting with you about your concrete needs!