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Concrete Curbs

There is no better way to give a clean look to your landscaping than concrete curbs. Here at The Concrete Pros. we can help you get the look you want for your yard, home, business, or property. Lining your planters and sidewalks with concrete curbs will help you achieve that distinguished look you have always wanted. Concrete curbs are not only durable, but they are incredibly versatile. You can choose to stamp the curb and mix the colour into it, or you can go for a sleek finish. Whatever you want for your concrete curbing, we can do it!

Benefits of Concrete Curbs

Concrete curbs are very delicate work compared to other projects such as driveways, sidewalks, or porches. Not only is there a specific aesthetic look that people want, but there are designs, patterns, colours and shapes that the concrete needs to be. Most people who put concrete curbing in their yard choose a soft, wavy layout, which is very pleasing to the eye because the curb itself has a very clean edge. It adds an incredible dimension to landscaping to see the flow of the concrete throughout the property.

Another benefit to concrete curbs is that they are solid and durable, making them low maintenance. The curbs stay in place, don’t break apart, and are easy to trim around. Since the curbs are laid in one continuous line, there are no cracks for weeds to grow through. Concrete is the best material to stand up to Fort McMurray’s harsh winters. You can trust that your concrete curbing will hold up for years to come.

Creating & Installing Concrete Curbs

The first step in installing concrete curbs is to meet with the homeowner or business owner and locate precisely where the curbs will be laid. The contractor will then mark out the line of the curb, usually with spray paint. Next, the contractor will follow that line with a sod cutter. The sod cutter opens the ground and creates a clean line for the curbing machine to follow. After the sod cutter goes through, the ground will be levelled and tamped down to ensure it is flat.

To create concrete curbs, we put the perfect mix together. Here at The Concrete Pros. we know exactly how to mix the suitable concrete for your needs and our climate. Once we have mixed the concrete, we then add the dye colour of your choice. Once the concrete is mixed, it is put into a curbing machine that compacts and pushes the mix out of the machine through a form. As the concrete is pushed out, the contractor guides the curbing machine along the sod line to form a continuous curb.

After the curb has been laid out, the contractor then goes back over it and finishes it by hand to ensure there are no cracks and it is completely smooth. At this point, we apply a stamp as a finish and expansion joints are added. To learn more about stamped concrete, click here.

Beauty and Durability That Lasts

At the point where your concrete curbing has cured, you now have a long-lasting addition to your landscaping. With minimal maintenance, you will be able to enjoy the look of your yard for years to come. Concrete curbing allows for a beautiful edge to your yard, sidewalks, and planters without having to pay for more expensive materials. The Concrete Pros. can help you achieve the yard of your dreams. We prioritize our customer’s needs all while being efficient and on budget.

The Concrete Pros. Are Your Best Choice in Fort McMurray!

The Concrete Pros. in Fort McMurray are your absolute best choice for any of your concrete needs. We bring our expertise, craftsmanship and professionalism to every project we do. Our customers are essential to our business, so quality and customer service are our highest priorities!

If you have a project in mind, please call us at 825-435-1203 or email us at info@theconcreteprosfortmcmurray.ca to get your FREE quote. We look forward to chatting with you about your concrete needs!

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